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Let's go back to fashion a little to understand more this style, The Boho or Bohemian style, is a type of fashion originally popularized by Bohemians, a group of people who rejected traditional moral values ​​and lived a nomadic lifestyle.

It did not used to be considered fashionable by the standards of the time, Originally it was used for comfort and to defy traditional dress standards.

It is characterized by the combination of vibrant colors, different cultures and times, where decorative freedom is the main premise. It can be defined as a “mix” between hippy, oriental and ethnic styles.

The bohemian style is one of the most popular at the moment. A trend that does not go out of style and that each day has more force in our society; People who are drawn to the fresh, informal touches of this style of decor. One of the main advantages it presents is that it adapts very well to all types of homes. In addition, the bohemian style turns the home into a space with an exotic touch and a very warm and welcoming atmosphere. Bohemian is a very casual style, in which the walls are usually painted in light colors such as white. To give a touch of joy and color to the room, you can choose tapestries with floral patterns or paintings with abstract designs. We must have a balance in this style because we could saturate the space leading to visual fatigue.

Intense colors, such as fuchsia or orange, should be entered on carpets and curtains. There are those who are encouraged by this type of colors on the walls; However, if your home is not too large, it is not the most recommended option.

Ancient or rustic pieces painted by hand and combined with a touch of color play an important role in this style. Sometimes they will be painted with representative Asian mantras or figures, as well as natural fibers, natural fiber ethnic rugs with a touch. color and geometric figures.

Lovers of candles and their scents can easily include them in this bohemian style.

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