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Let's start this blog by explaining a bit where this style comes from, which is undoubtedly a timeless style and with which I personally identify more.

let's get to New York in the twentieth century in the decade of the 50s, when many companies closed, artists settled in warehouses, spaces of industrial scope which adapted as large houses. Spaces without dividing walls, high ceilings, large windows, brick walls, concrete floors or ceilings and exposed pipes, are part of this unique style and a marked personality; key elements that marked the functional above any other parameter.

This architectural style is much easier to find in New York and Europe where buildings tell a story. It was in the mid-20th century when this style was influenced by Art Deco, merging the warmth of wood and the coldness of steel. A unique combination of materials that achieved great admiration globally.

Currently, it is not necessary to live in a New York-style loft and not have all the architectural characteristics previously mentioned to achieve this industrial style in our spaces, generally in our homes it is not very common to find these high ceilings or large windows but there are many decorative elements with which we can obtain this look.

Let's start with the materials that can be used in our selection of furniture: iron, steel, concrete, leather, aged wood, exposed brick in all its natural tones, together or some of them are what will help us achieve this Industrial style.

It is very common to combine with vintage elements or aged elements to achieve this look. The color palette that marks this style are beige gray blacks and brown the idea with this range of colors is that they do not conform an element of distraction,

The textures in cushions are appreciated with patterns in sober fabrics, geometric in the same shades mentioned above.

Let's remember that this style is generally focused for a masculine decoration. It is very important to incorporate that touch of green in this style with plants that help to make a warmer space because this style tends to be very cold due to the materials that characterize it.

Warm lighting with adison style bulbs are very important to help generate more warmth. Today, this timeless and eclectic aesthetic can be appreciated a lot in shops, workplaces and homes.

This style is one of the most economical to find materials and accessories on the market because there are many options that can be restored or replaced by cheaper materials. A clear example is the case of a brick wall or concrete material that can be very expensive in some countries and we can replace it with a wall paper and thus preserve that look that is what interests us so much.

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Andres Arango

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