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Let's start by clarifying the belief that the romantic style is only about rooms decorated in shades of pink, loaded with floral patterns and petals in all its spaces.

The romantic style can be achieved in any other style, we only have to use the right pieces to achieve it. The idea of this style is to achieve a warm, cozy and timeless space.

Although it is true that the romantic style is inspired by the French countryside, with palaces of large halls and columns, it is also true that we do not require having large golden mirrors or large flower arrangements, we must be inspired by the essence of romanticism. To begin to identify this style, let's start from a neutral color palette. Although this is not a general rule, strong colors such as magenta, turquoise or emerald green can be used in this style.

It is very common to use natural wood floors, white or aged textured wood and colors such as light blue and pink are very characteristic for the details in this decoration and will help to give warmth and calm in the spaces.

Today, the baroque or rococo luxury pieces characteristic of romanticism are not necessary to achieve this style, we can achieve it with floral arrangements and ornamental accessories such as mirrors and frames. The wrought iron beds are a very good element of this style as well as curved sofas or some pieces of Louis XV style. The final idea with this style is to achieve a romantic and timeless space It combines crystal chandeliers, iron or bronze lamps and golden details.

Silks, pompous textured fabrics and embroidered textures are important in this style for cushions or to decorate beds, as well as wallpaper in pastel shades and floral designs or patterns that evoke the time of the fifteenth century. There is no rule for this style, you can combine stripes and squares, flowers of different textures and sizes, antique or pickled furniture; the only requirement is to achieve a balance in your space that reflects warmth.

Candles, scents and fresh flowers are a must accompanied by decorative vases that will give the space a timeless elegance.

So if you are a warm romantic person and you like the little details that make the difference, this is your style.

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Andres Arango

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