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Actualizado: 20 jul 2020

“Each space is capable of telling a different story".  Wallpaper, also known as Covering paper, wall covering, or decorative paper, is a type of paper that is used in interior decoration and is placed on the walls of a room completely or partially covering them.

Wallpaper consists of a patterned or smooth paper surface that is glued to the walls of a space.  It usually consists of uniform designs such as stripes or squares or motifs that are repeated so that one roll can be placed next to the other while maintaining visual harmony. See print photo Originally from the East, it arrived in Europe in the 17th century thanks to the trade that was maintained with that part of the world.

A clear example can be seen at the Harewood House in the United Kingdom.

Thanks to the Industrial Revolution and the low cost of its manufacture, the first success of wall paper is due  Papers have been in fashion at various times during the 20th century. 

At the beginning of the 20th century, simple floral motifs proliferated.  

In the 1930s and 1940s they evolved into geometric drawings. 

In the 1960s and 1970s the fashion for wall paper had its biggest popularity curve, bringing out a wide variety of colors and retro designs.

Today, the paper can be said to be relatively popular. 

Today with all the technology we can find digital images recreating large murals where we find giant flowers, landscapes or specific details generating impacts on a single wall. 

Another way to use wallpaper is on furniture like bookcases and dividers. 

There are also paper borders used to finish off the spaces, these borders can also be used in the baseboard dividing the wall to install different papers or simply changing the color in one of the two spaces that divide the border.

Both residential and commercial, hotels, restaurants, etc. Including bathrooms and kitchens we can use wall paper but we must know how to choose the right one, that is, there are papers designed exclusively for humid areas such as bathrooms, which are easy to clean.   



You must bear in mind that for the installation of the wall paper it is necessary to have a smooth wall without imperfections because in the case that the paper has a shine finish all the imperfections on the wall can be highlighted; In the case of pre installed wallpaper walls, it is necessary to lift the previous papers using a suitable material and scraping it to achieve a suitable texture for its installation   


The calculation of the number of rolls varies according to the company that makes it, some have more inches in width and this varies the final calculation, there are companies that charge by the yard and others by roll, so as not to waste paper or your money is preferred that you get expert advice, they can calculate the necessary material without needing to ask for more.

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